Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Amazing Spiderman Game - Launch Trailer

The Amazing Spiderman movie has released in some places and has good reviews. Anyway i'm here about the game. The Amazing Spiderman Game is finally here and here is the Launch Trailer. The story pickups where the movie ends. It boasts that the gameplay is gonna be different from the old ones and is better and much more enjoyable. It returns to the sandbox spidey style rather than a parallel gameplay like the Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions and the Spiderman: The Edge of Time. Lets see it for ourselves. You can expect good old foes like Scorpion and Rhino even if they are not in the movie. Black Cat seems to have a main role in the story line of this game. A new exclusive villain introduced is the Iguana (looks like the Lizard but with more mass and evilness). Well you can expect those who are not shown in the trailer. Of course the Lizard is also in the game.

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